Mohamad Orfali

The Best Chef Awards Mohamad Orfali

Ørfali grew up in the midst of an influential family. His father, an engineer, and his mother, a teacher, played a significant role in his and his brothers’ Aleppian pride. But as a young man, Ørfali was preoccupied with matters beyond everyone else’s expectations.

“I don’t believe anyone who says being passionate about food is enough!”

“The details were not always clear to me, but my passion for food and everything food-related guided me toward a career in this field. My passion also greatly impacted my family, as both of my brothers, Wassim and Omar, followed my lead and also entered the culinary world”

Living amid a great, ancient city has to leave its mark on you: the centuries-old market with the aromas of spices; laurel soap, and Aleppian za’atar; the vibrantly colored and remarkable hand-embroidered fabrics.

“Dreams of becoming a chef are not highly respected in my social circle or the Middle East, and it took greater energy and conviction to convince my mother that this was my path, even destiny”.

Curiosity, a deep sense of my heritage, and plenty of madness pushed my boundaries to cook with the kind of meditation that transforms food into art and evokes beautiful memories.”

Understanding the Culture and Heritage. Aleppian cuisine is an ancient cuisine, rich in a variety of dishes and flavors.

Aleppian cuisine is an art form of cooking inspired by several ancient civilizations. It is a well-known fact that the city of Aleppo is one of the oldest populated cities in the world, and is now one of the biggest cities in the Levant. The city has witnessed many successive civilizations including the Hittite, Nabatean, Assyrian, Persian, Greek, Roman, Byzantine, and Islamic civilizations, rich with unique and distinct ingredients that have been used for countless generations across several civilizations.

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