Mohamad Orfali

Cooking with passion creates emotions that transform the food into art, which stimulates the senses with beautiful memories.

You would think my gastronomical philosophy was born in the kitchen, but that wasn’t enough.

Mo Story

Growing up in Aleppo, in the midst of such a great ancient civilization, has to leave its mark on you: the old market with the smells of spices, laurel soap and Aleppian za’atar, the beautiful colors and the impressive hand embroidered fabrics, the call for prayer emanating from the Umayyad Mosque on one side and only the best music the city has to offer (muwashah, qudud, and mawal) on the other.

Orfali Bros​

At Orfali Bros, everyday is a celebration of our journey and experiences, sprinkled with contemporary ideas served to you in our distinctive way. We are not just chefs, we are a family. Taste. Texture. Ingredients. Those are the three things we stand by.

Savor the Legacy

Discover the fusion of traditional Middle Eastern flavors and modern culinary artistry in our menu. Each dish at Orfali Bros, crafted by Chef Mohamad Orfali, is a unique blend of heritage and innovation, inviting you on a delightful culinary journey.

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